To choose the optimum way of your participation please get acquainted with the proposed options:


Participant’s category

Registration fee

Participant of the Congress and Exhibition
*participation without a presentation

800 €

Participant of the Congress and Exhibition
*participation with a presentation

700 €

Participant of the Exhibition
*participation with a booth

600 €
200 € per 1 sq.m.


250 €

Additional services



• Excursion to Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter

26 €

• Excursion to Achinsk Alumina Refinery

44 €

• Excursion to Khakas Aluminium Smelter

70 €

• Excursion to the National Nature Reserve “Stolby”

26 €

Publishing the Company’s advertisement module (one full-color printed page A5) in the participants’ catalogue

250 €

Company’s seminar

250 € per 2 hours

Register to the NFMSib
Congress & Exhibition*

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